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Tag "opioids"

Combating the opioid epidemic in the United States

Authors: A Simon Pickard, Todd A Lee

This editorial discusses the series of papers that feature initiatives to mitigate the opioid epidemic in the United States, and challenges encountered during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Academic detailing interventions for opioid-related outcomes: a scoping review

Authors: Victoria Kulbokas, Kent A Hanson, Mary H Smart, Monika Rao Mandava, Todd A Lee, A Simon Pickard

This scoping review was to characterizes opioid-focused academic detailing interventions and describes their findings.


Transdermal buprenorphine for pain management in children

Authors: Giorgio Attinà, Alberto Romano, Silvia Triarico, Stefano Mastrangelo, Palma Maurizi, Antonio Ruggiero

This review aims to analyse the clinical advantages of transdermal buprenorphine in the paediatric population and the possible side effects registered in daily clinical practice.


Administration of intravenous morphine for acute pain in the emergency department inflicts an economic burden in Europe

Authors: Montserrat Casamayor MD, PhD, Karen DiDonato MSN, RN, Marc Hennebert MBA, MS, Luca Brazzi MD, PhD, Gregor Prosen MD, FEBEM

This article estimates the burden of IV administration of morphine in the five key European countries (EU5) using a micro-costing approach.