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Women’s health

A non-pharmacological approach to the treatment of urinary tract infections: case reports with Utipro® Plus

Authors: Tommaso Cai, Cristian Konstantinidis, Sam Ward

Using illustrative case reports, this review documents outcomes in three women with recurrent urinary tract infections who were treated with Utipro® Plus in clinical practice.


Progestogens as a component of menopausal hormone therapy: the right molecule makes the difference

Authors: John C Stevenson MB BS, FRCP, FESC, MFSEM, Serge Rozenberg MD, PhD, Silvia Maffei MD, Christian Egarter Prof Dr Med, Petra Stute Prof Dr Med, Thomas Römer Prof Dr Med

This narrative review examines the role of progestogens in MHT, with the aim of providing practical recommendations for prescribing physicians.


Potential risk of drug–drug interactions with hormonal contraceptives and antiretrovirals: prevalence in women living with HIV

Authors: Milena M Murray PharmD, MSc, Ashley Jensen PharmD, Thomas Cieslik PharmD Candidate, Susan E Cohn MD, MPH

The objectives of this study were to assess antiretroviral therapy and hormonal contraceptive use among women living with HIV and quantify the frequency of potential drug–drug interactions between antiretroviral therapy and hormonal contraceptives.


Experience with ospemifene in patients with vulvar and vaginal atrophy and associated sexual dysfunction: case studies

Authors: Ana Rosa Jurado López MD, PhD, Francisca Molero Rodríguez MD

The case studies presented in this article follow the progress of two women who began treatment with ospemifene for the main presenting symptom of dyspareunia.


Experience with ospemifene in patients with vulvovaginal atrophy treated with laser therapy: case studies

Authors: Félix Lugo Salcedo MD, Zuramis Estrada Blanco MD

This article reports the clinical course of two women with dyspareunia preventing sexual intercourse who were treated with ospemifene and laser therapy.