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Sustained virological response in patients with HCV treated with daclatasvir plus sofosbuvir, with or without ribavirin: a large, field-practice study

Authors: Rodolfo Sacco MD, PhD, Vincenzo Messina MD, Umberto Vespasiani Gentilucci MD, Luigi Elio Adinolfi MD, Antonio Ascione MD, Giorgio Barbarini MD, Angelo Barlattani MD, Giuseppe Cariti MD, Raffaele Cozzolongo MD, Basilio Fimiani MD, Ruggiero Francavilla MD, Caterina Furlan MD, Giovanni Garrucciu MD, Vincenzo Iovinella MD, Luca Rinaldi MD, Massimo Marignani MD, Paola Begini MD, Valeria Pace Palitti MD, Adriano M Pellicelli MD, Gaetano Scifo MD, Antonio Facciorusso MD, Luca Giacomelli PhD, Aashni Shah BSc, Gaetano Bertino MD, Serena Perazzo MD, Giampaolo Bresci MD, Antonio Izzi MD

The aim of this retrospective, multicenter, field-practice study was to investigate the therapeutic efficacy and safety of the oral combination of daclatasvir and sofosbuvir, with or without ribavirin, in a large unselected cohort of patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection.


Symptomatic uncomplicated diverticular disease management: an innovative food-grade formulation of Curcuma longa and Boswellia serrata extracts

Authors: Attilio Giacosa MD, PhD, Antonella Riva PhD, Giovanna Petrangolini MSc, Pietro Allegrini MSc, Teresa Fazia PhD, Luisa Bernardinelli PhD, Clara Gasparri MSc, Milena Anna Faliva PhD, Gabriella Peroni BSc, Simone Perna PhD, Mariangela Rondanelli MD, PhD

This article investigates the potential role of a new delivery formulation of the association of curcumin and boswellia phytosome extracts in symptomatic uncomplicated colonic diverticular disease.


Pharmacotherapy patterns in patients with chronic idiopathic constipation beginning treatment with linaclotide or lubiprostone in the United States

Authors: Arpita Nag PhD, Rebecca Bornheimer BA, Gerry Oster PhD

The objective of this retrospective
cohort study was to examine patterns of use of linaclotide
and lubiprostone, primarily focusing on duration of treatment
and switching between agents, in patients with CIC, with and without IBS, using a large US health insurance claims database.


Inflammatory bowel disease in patients with psoriasis treated with interleukin-17 inhibitors

Authors: Keira A Fieldhouse Bsc, Samantha Ukaibe BSc, Erika L Crowley BSc, MSc, Reena Khanna MD, MSc, FRCPC, Ashley O’Toole MD, MHSc, FRCPC, Melinda J Gooderham MD, MSc, FRCPC

This paper reviews all incident cases and exacerbations of IBD reported in the literature during widescale use of IL-17 inhibitors beyond the clinical trials.


Vedolizumab in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease: evolving paradigms

Authors: Benjamin Crooks MA MBBS, Tom Barnes MBBS BSc, Jimmy K Limdi FRCP FACG

This review brings together data reported on VDZ to date for treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases, comprising Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC).