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Efficacy and steroid-sparing effect of benralizumab: has it an advantage over its competitors?

Francesco Menzella MD, Mirella Biava Msc, Diego Bagnasco MD, PhD, Carla Galeone Msc, Anna Simonazzi MD, Patrizia Ruggiero Msc, Nicola Facciolongo MD

Second-line treatment options in hepatocellular carcinoma

Donatella Marino MD, Clizia Zichi MD, Marco Audisio MD, Elisa Sperti MD, Massimo Di Maio MD

Ketamine as treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder: a review

Felix Liriano, Candace Hatten MD, Thomas L Schwartz MD

Comorbidity in social anxiety disorder: diagnostic and therapeutic challenges

Ahmet Koyuncu MD, Ezgi İnce MD, Erhan Ertekin MD, Raşit Tükel MD

Immunotherapy in non-melanoma skin cancer: updates and new perspectives

Paolo Antonio Ascierto MD, Dirk Schadendorf MD, PhD