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Primary Care

Considerations for select transitions of care for people with HIV: adolescent to adult, prison to society and the postpartum period

Authors: Milena Murray, Fatima Khaleq, E Paul O’Donnell

This article discusses three transitions of care that may lead to suboptimal outcomes if people with HIV are not adequately engaged: adolescent to adult, prison to society and the postpartum period.


The evolution of the overdose epidemic and CDC’s research response: a commentary

Authors: Kristin M Holland, Lara DePadilla, Derrick W Gervin, Erin M Parker, Marcienne Wright

This Commentary describes recent investments in overdose prevention research and outlines opportunities for ensuring that future research efforts allow for the flexibility necessary to effectively respond to the continually evolving epidemic.


Academic detailing interventions for opioid-related outcomes: a scoping review

Authors: Victoria Kulbokas, Kent A Hanson, Mary H Smart, Monika Rao Mandava, Todd A Lee, A Simon Pickard

This scoping review was to characterizes opioid-focused academic detailing interventions and describes their findings.


COVID-19-related adaptations to the implementation and evaluation of a clinic-based intervention designed to improve opioid safety

Authors: Anna R Morgan, Michelle A Hendricks, Sanae El Ibrahimi, Sara E Hallvik, Brigit Hatch, Caitlin Dickinson, Dagan Wright, Michael A Fischer

This article reviews a multidisciplinary project designed to implement and evaluate clinic-based interventions in Oregon, USA, to improve pain management, opioid prescribing and treatment of opioid use disorder.


Evaluating the effectiveness of problem-solving courts at preventing fatal and non-fatal opioid events: preliminary findings from Indiana

Authors: Elizabeth Van Nostrand, Alyssa Johnston, Steven M Albert, Andre L Brown, Jeanine M Buchanich, Brad Ray, Mark S Roberts

The aim of this study is to determine which interventions offered by problem-solving courts and correctional facilities impact morbidity and mortality of persons arrested for drug misuse.