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Efficacy and safety of photodynamic therapy with RLP068 for diabetic foot ulcers: a review of the literature and clinical experience

Authors: Felicia Pantò MD, Liboria Adamo BSc, Carla Giordano MD, Carmelo Licciardello MD

This is the second part of a literature review concerning diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) and the use of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (PDT). It focuses on the Zn(II)phthalocyanine derivative RLP608.


Clinical use of Capilen, a liposomal cream based on fresh plant extracts enriched with omega fatty acids

Authors: Luca Giacomelli PhD, Alessandra Moglia PharmD, Gianedoardo Losa PharmD, Pietro Quaglino MD

Keywords: liposomal cream, liposomes, omega fatty acids, skin disorders. Citation: Giacomelli L, Moglia A, Losa G, Quaglino P. Clinical use of Capilen, a liposomal cream based on fresh plant extracts enriched with omega fatty acids. Drugs in Context 2020; 9:


Corrigendum: Breakthroughs in hereditary angioedema management: a systematic review of approved drugs and those under research

Authors: Stefania Nicola MD, Giovanni Rolla MD, Luisa Brussino MD

Onset of vitiligo following targeted therapy for BRAFV600E-mutated melanoma: case report

Authors: Sonia Brugnara MD, Mariacristina Sicher MD, Elena Maria Bonandini MD, Mattia Barbareschi MD, Carlo Renè Girardelli MD, Orazio Caffo MD

This case study covers a patient who received dabrafenib and trametinib and developed vitiligo-like depigmentation after treatment cessation.


Efficacy of topical beta-blockers in the management of EGFR-inhibitor induced paronychia and pyogenic granuloma-like lesions: case series and review of the literature

Authors: Pietro Sollena MD, Maria Mannino MD, Francesco Tassone MD, Maria Alessandra Calegari MD, Ettore D’Argento MD, Ketty Peris MD

The authors tested the effectiveness of topical timolol 0.5% gel on paronychia and periungual pyogenic granuloma-like lesions being treated with EGFR-I and reviewed the available literature on this topic, which is the use of topical β-blockers in the management of EGFR-I-induced nail toxicities.