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Real-world use of inhaled nitric oxide therapy in patients with COVID-19 and mild-to-moderate acute respiratory distress syndrome

Authors: Steven H Abman, Nicholas R Fox, M Ibrahim Malik, Sneha S Kelkar, Shelby L Corman, Sanika Rege, Jenna Bhaloo, Rachel Shah, Ren-Jay Shei, Dana Saporito, Nisreen Shamseddine, Erik DeBoer, George J Wan, on behalf of the NOTICE Study Investigators

This article aims to describe real-world inhaled nitric oxide use and outcomes in patients with COVID-19 with mild-to-moderate acute respiratory distress syndrome in the United States.


Dabigatran in patients with atrial fibrillation after COVID-19 hospitalization: an update of the ANIBAL* protocol

Authors: Juan José Cerezo-Manchado, Olga Meca Birlanga, Luis García de Guadiana Romualdo, Ignacio Gil-Ortega, Antonio Martínez Francés, Teodoro Iturbe-Hernandez

This article discusses an update to the ANIBAL protocol in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Bilastine 10 and 20 mg in paediatric and adult patients: an updated practical approach to treatment decisions

Authors: Amalia Leceta, Aintzane García, Ander Sologuren, Cristina Campo

Keywords: allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, antihistamines, bilastine, drug information, drug interactions, medical information services, paediatrics, safety, urticaria. Citation: Leceta A, García A, Sologuren A, Campo C. Bilastine 10 and 20 mg in paediatric and adult patients: an updated practical approach to treatment


Oscillococcinum® for upper respiratory tract infections and exacerbations in COPD: an observational, prospective study (OXITUNIS)

Authors: Hichem Aouina, Anis Bamri, Aurélien Vesin, Karine Danno, Eléonore Aubry, Cécile Faure, Naoual Boujedaini

This article discussese the effectiveness of Oscillococcinum® in the protection from upper respiratory tract infections in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease who had been vaccinated against influenza infection over the 2018–2019 winter season.


Paediatrics: how to manage acute asthma exacerbations

Authors: James S Leung

This article is an evidence-based review of the medications used to manage paediatric acute asthma exacerbations.