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Oscillococcinum® for upper respiratory tract infections and exacerbations in COPD: an observational, prospective study (OXITUNIS)

Authors: Hichem Aouina, Anis Bamri, Aurélien Vesin, Karine Danno, Eléonore Aubry, Cécile Faure, Naoual Boujedaini

This article discussese the effectiveness of Oscillococcinum® in the protection from upper respiratory tract infections in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease who had been vaccinated against influenza infection over the 2018–2019 winter season.


Paediatrics: how to manage acute asthma exacerbations

Authors: James S Leung

This article is an evidence-based review of the medications used to manage paediatric acute asthma exacerbations.


Paediatrics: how to manage obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome

Authors: Theresa NH Leung, James WCH Cheng, Anthony KC Chan

This article provides a narrative review on the current diagnostic and treatment options for paediatric OSAS.


Current therapeutic strategies in connective tissue disease-related interstitial lung disease: introduction to the special issue

Authors: Gian Luca Erre MD, PhD, Arduino Aleksander Mangoni MD

This Editorial introduces the Special Issue on the efficacy and safety of current treatment strategies for patients with connective tissue disease-related interstitial lung disease, including the use of immunosuppressants, such as cyclophosphamide, mycophenolate mofetil and rituximab, and antifibrotic drugs.


Efficacy of cyclophosphamide in treating connective tissue disease-related interstitial lung diseases

Authors: Valeria Nucera MD, Elisabetta Gerratana MD, Manuela Giallanza MD, Laura La Corte MD, Donatella Sangari MD, Fabiola Atzeni MD, PhD

This review focuses on cyclophosphamide due to its crucial role in the treatment of systemic sclerosis-related interstitial lung disease, particularly in the case of patients with progressive Interstitial lung diseases.