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Infectious disease

Vitamins, supplements and COVID-19: a review of currently available evidence

Authors: Lauren Speakman, Sarah Michienzi, Melissa Badowski

The purpose of this review was to analyse clinical trials regarding vitamins and supplements for the treatment of COVID-19 infections.


Less common bacterial, fungal and viral infections: review of management in the pregnant patient

Authors: Alyssa P Gould, Hana R Winders, Kayla R Stover, P Brandon Bookstaver, Brooke Griffin, Christopher M Bland, Lea S Eiland, Milena Murray

This review is a comprehensive summary of treatment options for pregnant patients with less common bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.


Bispecific antibodies for non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas and multiple myeloma

Authors: Omar Castaneda-Puglianini, Julio C Chavez

This article is a narrative review of the most current data on bispecific antibodies in B cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and multiple myeloma.


Presentation and pathophysiology of neuro-COVID

Authors: Josef Finsterer, Fulvio Alexandre Scorza, Carla Alexandra Scorza

Letter to the Editor commenting on Orsucci D, Caldarazzo Ienco E, Nocita G, Napolitano A, Vista M. Neurological features of COVID-19 and their treatment: a review. Drugs Context. 2020;9:2020-5-1.


Oscillococcinum® for upper respiratory tract infections and exacerbations in COPD: an observational, prospective study (OXITUNIS)

Authors: Hichem Aouina, Anis Bamri, Aurélien Vesin, Karine Danno, Eléonore Aubry, Cécile Faure, Naoual Boujedaini

This article discussese the effectiveness of Oscillococcinum® in the protection from upper respiratory tract infections in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease who had been vaccinated against influenza infection over the 2018–2019 winter season.