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Tag "SARS-CoV-2"

Vitamins, supplements and COVID-19: a review of currently available evidence

Authors: Lauren Speakman, Sarah Michienzi, Melissa Badowski

The purpose of this review was to analyse clinical trials regarding vitamins and supplements for the treatment of COVID-19 infections.


Response to ‘Presentation and pathophysiology of neuro-COVID’

Authors: Daniele Orsucci, Marco Vista

Letter to the Editor in response to Finsterer J, Scorza FA, Scorza CA. Presentation and pathophysiology of neuro-COVID. Drugs Context. 2021;10:2021-6-5


Presentation and pathophysiology of neuro-COVID

Authors: Josef Finsterer, Fulvio Alexandre Scorza, Carla Alexandra Scorza

Letter to the Editor commenting on Orsucci D, Caldarazzo Ienco E, Nocita G, Napolitano A, Vista M. Neurological features of COVID-19 and their treatment: a review. Drugs Context. 2020;9:2020-5-1.


The race to a COVID-19 vaccine: opportunities and challenges in development and distribution

Authors: Rodrigo M Burgos, Melissa E Badowski, Emily Drwiega, Samaneh Ghassemi, Nikki Griffith, Fischer Herald, Mikayla Johnson, Renata O Smith, Sarah M Michienzi

This article discusses the unprecedented toll of COVID-19 and how it jumpstarted the race towards potential COVID-19 vaccinations, which have been developed in less than a year. It discusses how this feat was accomplished, and how clinical development, manufacturing scale-up and distribution are occurring in parallel for the four COVID-19 vaccine front-runners. It also discusses the many challenges that still lie ahead.


Current treatment in COVID-19 disease: a rapid review

Authors: Miguel Rodriguez-Guerra, Preeti Jadhav, Timothy J Vittorio

This review aims to assess the efficacy and safety of available therapies for COVID-19 in light of current evidence. These treatment options are compared based on their impact on symptom management, inpatient length of stay, and overall morbidity and mortality.