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HIV: how to manage low-level viraemia in people living with HIV

Authors: Emily K Hanners, Jessica Benitez-Burke, Melissa E Badowski

This is a narrative review of the growing evidence of low-level viraemia in people living with HIV to determine risk factors and antiretroviral therapy management strategies and to discuss the implications of low-level viraemia on the development of future virological failure.


HIV: how to manage heavily treatment-experienced patients

Authors: Stephanie Spivack, Stephen Pagkalinawan, Rafik Samuel, David E Koren

This narrative review provides an overview of the clinician approach to care, including diagnostics, approaches to regimen creation, relevant resources, and a broad array of
both currently available and upcoming antiretrovirals that may be used in regimens for heavily treatment-experienced patients.


HIV: how to manage dyslipidaemia in HIV

Authors: Daniel Lee

This article aims to provide a narrative updated review on the clinical evaluation and management of dyslipidaemia in people with HIV.


Considerations for select transitions of care for people with HIV: adolescent to adult, prison to society and the postpartum period

Authors: Milena Murray, Fatima Khaleq, E Paul O’Donnell

This article discusses three transitions of care that may lead to suboptimal outcomes if people with HIV are not adequately engaged: adolescent to adult, prison to society and the postpartum period.


Experiences to date with the logistical management of long-acting cabotegravir and rilpivirine

Authors: Kamile Johnson, Mark T Sawkin

In this commentary, the authors describe experiences to date with acquiring, storing, handling, administering and billing for long-acting cabotegravir and rilpivirine through four scenarios, each of which have presented their own unique obstacles and learning curves.