Novel therapeutic targets for allergic airway disease in children

Alessandro Giallongo MD, Giuseppe Fabio Parisi MD, Amelia Licari MD, Giulio Pulvirenti MD, Caterina Cuppari MD, Carmelo Salpietro MD, Gian Luigi Marseglia MD, Salvatore Leonardi MD


The aim of precision medicine is setting up targeted therapies for selected patients that would ideally have high effectiveness and few side effects. This is made possible by targeted therapy drugs that selectively act on a specific pathway. Precision medicine is spreading to many medical specialties, and there is increasing interest in the context of allergic airway diseases, such as allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinosinusitis, and asthma. This review is an update of new targets in the treatment of childhood allergic upper airway diseases and asthma, including the most recent biologic drugs that have already been licensed or are in the pipeline to be tested with children.

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Giallongo A, Parisi GF, Licari A, Pulvirenti G, Cuppari C, Salpietro C, Marseglia GL, Leonardia S. Novel therapeutic targets for allergic airway disease in children. Drugs in Context 2019; 8: 212590. DOI: 10.7573/dic.212590

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