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New uses and formulations of glucagon for hypoglycaemia

Pilar I Beato-Víbora PhD, Francisco J Arroyo-Díez PhD

Targeting eosinophils: severe asthma and beyond

Marco Caminati MD, Francesco Menzella MD, Lucia Guidolin MD, Gianenrico Senna MD

Palbociclib in metastatic breast cancer: current evidence and real-life data

Francesco Serra MD, Pietro Lapidari MD, Erica Quaquarini MD, Barbara Tagliaferri MD, Federico Sottotetti MD, Raffaella Palumbo MD, PhD

Guselkumab for the treatment of psoriasis – evidence to date

Miguel Nogueira MD, Tiago Torres MD, PhD

Novel therapeutic targets for allergic airway disease in children

Alessandro Giallongo MD, Giuseppe Fabio Parisi MD, Amelia Licari MD, Giulio Pulvirenti MD, Caterina Cuppari MD, Carmelo Salpietro MD, Gian Luigi Marseglia MD, Salvatore Leonardi MD