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Kawasaki disease in siblings and a review of drug treatment

Steven King-fan Loo MBChB, FRCP, Kam Lun Hon MBBS, MD, FAAP, FCCM, Alexander KC Leung MBBS, FRCPC, FRCP (UK & Irel), FRCPCH, FAAP, Tak Cheung Yung MBBS, MRCPCH, Man Ching Yam MBChB, MRCPCH

Reducing residual thrombotic risk in patients with peripheral artery disease: impact of the COMPASS trial

José Luis Hernández MD, PhD, Francisco S Lozano MD, PhD, Vincent Riambau MD, PhD, Manuel Almendro-Delia MD, PhD, Juan Cosín-Sales MD, PhD, Sergi Bellmunt-Montoya MD, PhD, Javier Garcia-Alegria MD, PhD, Xavier Garcia-Moll MD, FESC, FACC, Juan José Gomez-Doblas MD, PhD, José R Gonzalez-Juanatey MD, PhD, Carmen Suarez Fernández MD

Experience with ospemifene in patients with vulvar and vaginal atrophy and urinary incontinence: case studies

Zuramis Estrada Blanco MD, Mariella Lilue MD, Santiago Palacios MD, PhD