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Comorbidity in social anxiety disorder: diagnostic and therapeutic challenges

Ahmet Koyuncu MD, Ezgi İnce MD, Erhan Ertekin MD, Raşit Tükel MD

Immunotherapy in non-melanoma skin cancer: updates and new perspectives

Paolo Antonio Ascierto MD, Dirk Schadendorf MD, PhD

Agents to treat BRAF-mutant lung cancer

Jean G Bustamante Alvarez MD, MS, Gregory A Otterson MD

Therapy of episodic ataxias: case report and review of the literature

Daniele Orsucci MD, Laura Maria Raglione MD, Monica Mazzoni MD, Marco Vista MD

The therapeutic role of minocycline in Parkinson’s disease

Seyda Cankaya MD, Baris Cankaya MD, Ulkan Kilic PhD, Ertugrul Kilic PhD, Burak Yulug MD