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Individualised requirements for optimum treatment of hypothyroidism: complex needs, limited options

Rudolf Hoermann, John E M Midgley, Rolf Larisch, Johannes W Dietrich

New uses and formulations of glucagon for hypoglycaemia

Pilar I Beato-Víbora PhD, Francisco J Arroyo-Díez PhD

Targeting eosinophils: severe asthma and beyond

Marco Caminati MD, Francesco Menzella MD, Lucia Guidolin MD, Gianenrico Senna MD

Palbociclib in metastatic breast cancer: current evidence and real-life data

Francesco Serra MD, Pietro Lapidari MD, Erica Quaquarini MD, Barbara Tagliaferri MD, Federico Sottotetti MD, Raffaella Palumbo MD, PhD

Guselkumab for the treatment of psoriasis – evidence to date

Miguel Nogueira MD, Tiago Torres MD, PhD