Leveraging diagnostic stewardship within antimicrobial stewardship programmes

Kimberly C Claeys, Melissa D Johnson


Novel diagnostic stewardship in infectious disease consists of interventions that modify ordering, processing, and reporting of diagnostic tests to provide the right test for the right patient, prompting the right action. The interventions work upstream and synergistically with traditional antimicrobial stewardship efforts. As diagnostic stewardship continues to gain public attention, it is critical that antimicrobial stewardship programmes not only learn how to effectively leverage diagnostic testing to improve antimicrobial use but also ensure that they are stakeholders and leaders in developing new diagnostic stewardship interventions within their institutions. This review will discuss the need for diagnostic and antimicrobial stewardship, the interplay of diagnostic and antimicrobial stewardship, evidence of benefit to antimicrobial stewardship programmes, and considerations for successfully engaging in diagnostic stewardship interventions.

This article is part of the Antibiotic stewardship Special Issue: https://www.drugsincontext.com/special_issues/antimicrobial-stewardship-a-focus-on-the-need-for-moderation

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Claeys KC, Johnson MD. Leveraging diagnostic stewardship within antimicrobial stewardship programmes. Drugs Context. 2023;12:2022-9-5. https://doi.org/10.7573/dic.2022-9-5

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